Best Boxing Gloves

I wonder how did Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield and the like choose their boxing equipment. I guess some of the credit of their success goes to their boxing equipment, especially those legendary gloves. Without top-notch gloves their task would have been a little more difficult! So, here is how you choose the best gloves for yourself, if you are into boxing.

Choosing the Best Boxing Gloves

It is not as easy as you think to get the perfect pair of gloves. An individual cannot just walk in a sports shop and ask for a pair of gloves. A serious thought has to be put in for picking the best gloves.

Pick of the Picks
One of the wisest things to do for buying good gloves for boxing is to consult your trainer or instructor. As I described, just because a pair of Everlast gloves looks good, you cannot buy them, or buying gloves just because they are cheap, in a sports shop is a big no no. Speak to your instructor, decide the usage level of your gloves and then buy them.

Sporting Which Sport
What kind of sports or activity you are in is a major determinant of what type of gloves will be the best for you. For instance, if you practice cardio kickboxing in the gym, it will be advisable to choose a thicker glove with more padding. On the contrary, if you might have noticed, that a professional will most often than not have a lighter glove, easiest to make a fist. For someone who is training to hit the ring, again a heavier glove will be a good option. Likewise, if you are into Muay Thai, or just punching the speed bag, or sparring, your glove specifications for those boxing workouts will be different.

Size and Weight Matters
More than size, in boxing the weight of the glove matters. For example, 8 oz and 10 oz are common for competitive boxers, who hit the punching bag or heavy bag regularly, while women and kids, who have comparatively smaller hands, can have 12 oz gloves. They will be the best for them, when it comes to size. Along with this, 16 oz is the common weight of gloves for people of all sizes who are training. Typically, 12 oz is small, 14 oz is medium and 16 is large. Another important thing about size is that usually, gloves stretch to fit your hand better, with frequent use. So it is highly likely that even the best gloves will not fit you properly when they are brand new. For this reason, a good idea is to buy a pair which fits slightly tighter and never ever buy gloves without trying them with your hands wrapped.

Best Brands for Boxing Gloves

Gloves from renowned brands come with a guarantee. Some of the most prominent brands are Everlast, Ringside, Cleto Reyes, Revgear, Lonsdale, Grant and a few others. Everlast pro style training gloves are top-notch and so are Cleto Reyes Official Pro-fight Gloves. You can get a wide array of choices when you buy from these brands.

A final consideration while picking boxing gloves is whether they are going to be of leather or vinyl. Leather will be a better option, as it lasts longer. Although now you can get good vinyl gloves too. Rather than velcro, gloves with laces are preferable. That’s it! All the best!

Best Boxing Fights Ever

Boxing, a game with a name that will bring an adrenal rush to your body. The knockout punches that brought about unexpected wins, the shortest time taken to knock an opponent to the ground, a fight between an opponent with the most number of world tiles opposite an underdog, are all markings of a great boxing bout. Let’s have a look at the best fights of all time, and remember some of the glorious matches of boxing.

Top 10 Boxing Bouts in History

George Foreman vs Ron Lyle
This was a war between two heavy hitters. It was George Foreman’s first fight in 15 months. In his last match, he had lost to the almighty Muhammad Ali in ‘The Rumble in the Jungle’. This face-off between Foreman and Lyle was termed as the ‘Fight of the Year’ by Ring Magazine. It was won by Foreman, who continued to pick himself up after receiving multiple blows himself. This is truly one of the best boxing matches ever, where Foreman put in his best effort ever.

Muhammad Ali vs George Foreman
Muhammad Ali and George Foremen were both legends in their own rights. Just the very mention of this bout makes one remember this as the biggest upsets ever. Foreman was known to annihilate every heavyweight champion who dared to stand opposite him. The verdict of the match was thought to be very predictable, as everyone assumed Ali didn’t stand a chance. However, in the seventh round, Ali threw a heavy stunner. Foreman was knocked out of the game, and Ali won. This was just one of the many accomplishments of Muhammad Ali.

Thomas Hearn vs Marvin Hagler
Think what you may, but this definitely is one of the best boxing matches ever fought in history. It was fought in the ‘golden eighties’. Thomas Hearns was a devastating boxer, who brushed off anyone who dared to step up opposite him in the ring. Hagler was known to start slow, but in this match, he came up aggressively against Hearn. The fight looked as if the two thought they had just three rounds to complete the fight. In the second round, Hearns hit Hagler with a power punch, and Hagler too had his share of punches on his opponent. By the third round, there was nonstop action, that lead to a knockout punch. Hagler won the fight and earned himself a name worldwide.

Arturo Gatti vs Micky Ward I
This fight earned the title of the ‘Fight of The Year’ by Ring Magazine. The ‘Irish’ Micky Ward and Arturo ‘Thunder’ Gatti fought one of the best boxing fight in history. Ward secured a point’s win over Gatti in the ninth round, after a ferocious and bloody fight.

Jose Luis Castillo vs Diego Corrales
Fought in May 2005, it had all the ingredients that made it known as the match of the decade. This fight saw a shower of battering blows, underhand tactics, etc. Knocked down twice during the game, Corrales bought additional recovery time by spitting out his mouth guard. Finally, he gave out a ‘perfect’ right hand (in his words), and was declared victorious over Castillo.

Buster Douglas vs Mike Tyson
This one proved to be the greatest upsets in Mike Tyson’s boxing career. He was termed invincible, and his loss to James ‘Buster’ Douglas shattered this image.

Marvin Hagler vs Vito Antuofermo
This is one of the rare fights that was good but ended in controversy. This fight was declared a draw, even though many felt Hagler had won the fight.

Sugar Ray Robinson vs Carmen Basilio II
This event was a 15-round match, where the fading boxing star Sugar Ray managed to win against the formidable Basilio II on points.

Julio Cesar Chavez vs Meldrick Taylor I
This match was fought over 12 full rounds. Chavez was behind by one point. However, the tables were turned with just two seconds left on the clock. Chavez won the match, leaving everyone in the arena truly astonished.

Erik Morales vs Marco Antonio Barrera I
These slender bodied Mexicans delivered a heavyweight performance in the ring. The entire fight was more than perfect, with round eight becoming one of the most memorable boxing rounds ever. The fight was divided into two sequels by public demand. The first was won by Morales, and the rematch was won by Barrera through a unanimous outcome. The final and third fight took place at Super Featherweight. This was won by Barrera through a majority decision.

Other Memorable Bouts

  • Jonny Reagan v Jack Dempsey, 1887
  • Sugar Ray Leonard v Thomas Hearns, 1981
  • Bobby Chacon v Rafael Limon, 1982
  • Bartley Gorman vs Mexicana Webb, 1980
  • Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier III, 1975
  • Jack Dempsey vs. Luis Angel Firpo, 1923
  • Joe Louis vs. Billy Conn, 1941
  • Evander Holyfield vs. Mike Tyson, 1997
  • Rocky Marciano vs Jersey Joe Walcott, 1952

I can go on and on enlisting some of the best fights that have taken place. One can continue to name some of the greats, like John L. Sullivan, Randolph Turpin, Floyd Patterson, David Diaz, Oscar de la Hoya, Ricky Hatton, and remember all the best boxing matches fought by them.